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ACS prides itself in being a leader in home technology. We offer complete packages in structured cabling, security, whole home audio/video, central vacuum systems, and home automation for the homeowner, builder, and developer. That's the simplicity and peace of mind a house provides with total connectivity through a structured wiring system. We have the expertise to answer all your questions about the possibilities, equipment and wiring. We can provide all the equipment and wire, and we will install it all to your satisfaction.

At ACS, we have all you need at one convenient location. With technology changing so rapidly, keeping up with all the latest systems and how they work can be daunting. Please call or stop by our showroom, and we will be glad to demonstrate the possibilities and answer all your questions about what devices, systems and wiring that will suit your needs best.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Connected Home - Provides a limitless combination of connectivity, security, and
        entertainment options. In addition, all cabling carries a 15-Year Warranty.
  • Internet Ready - High-speed connections to the Internet without costly rewiring
  • Choice of Entertainment Services - Digital cable/satellite TV, HDTV, movies on
        demand, home theater, surround sound, and home audio will enhance your home
  • In-Home Computer Network - Save money because multiple users can share
        high speed Internet services, printers, and files.
  • Enhanced Resale Value - By future proofing your home it will prevent technological
        obsolescence and attract buyers when it's time to sell

  • Products & Services

    • High Speed Digital Cabling - Because technology changes rapidly, you need a wiring system designed to handle whatever you throw at it, a system that won't become obsolete because it can't handle the new technologies like digital television, high-speed Internet access, or video-on-demand.

      Our Structured Cabling System uses wiring that surpasses the needs of today so you're ready for the technology of tomorrow. This wiring system enhances one's lifestyle to make your home more comfortable, safe, and efficient.

      By making sure your new home is wired correctly, you'll be able to have:

      • Distributed video and audio for more convenient and compelling entertainment.
      • Easier and more powerful ways to share internally and externally sources data from home computers.
      • Lighting and energy controls.
      • Convenient access from the home to a host of services from banks to stores; whole house control; and more.
      • Consolidating your cabling into one location allows for easy reconfiguration to meet emerging technology changes and keeps cables that are organized & protected.

    • Home Area Networks & Home Office - With the proper cabling system, you're wired for work, too. Plug in your computer, fax machine, modem, and telephone, and you're connected to the world. Need video conferencing? Our system can handle it. Multiple phone lines? No problem.

      We even make it simple to create an in-home local area network, linking computers and their peripherals together so their capabilities can be shared.

    • Home Video & Audio Options - Enjoy television and music your way, anywhere in your home. Whether you have cable or direct broadcast satellite, our structured cabling system allows a video outlet in every room you want. From the surround sound system or home theater in your family room to a TV in the bedroom, our system makes it easy to distribute video throughout the house.

      Want to use a video camera to monitor the baby's room? You can tune into the camera from any TV in the house. You can add a camera to the front door and see who's there.

      Home audio systems have really come into vogue, and can be connected to any source: receiver, CD player, or TV. Speakers strategically located throughout the home or even outside will give you audio pleasure wherever you desire. Convenient keypad zoning enables everyone to have their favorite music playing wherever
      they want it.

    • Security & Monitoring Systems - Can be custom-designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from having the best in home protection. ACS supports your security needs, from fire and intruder detection to Internet monitoring and remote security access. We can provide the framework for any level of security you desire. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family are secure.

    • Central Vacuum Systems - With increasing concerns regarding the health impact of household bacteria, viruses, and mold, a central vacuum system becomes an essential tool. A central vacuum system not only handles dust collection and exhausts air in a far superior way, it is also convenient efficient, and provides better results.

    • Lighting & Energy Controls - Can be sophisticated or simple. We'll design a flexible system that enables you to set whatever mood you want, at the push of a button. When you're not home, you can set the lights to turn on and off in a random pattern to give your home an occupied appearance. Control lights to operate at different times. Automatically have the lights turn on before you get up on a cold, dark morning or afer you've gone to bed, turn off all lights with a single push of a button.

    • Home Automation Systems - A professionally installed system that seamlessly integrates the control of security, HVAC, lighting, and other technologies to enhance safety, comfort, and convenience.
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